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Fr. Velangini Thumma: Divine Melody

Fr. Velangini Thumma

Father Velangini Thumma, a Catholic priest from south India recently released Divine Melody, an album that Angelus called, “a unique fusion of classical indian and American music” — which may be the broadest way to describe it. In Thumma’s songs, a diverse range of styles are juxtaposed at close intervals — from contemporary Christian music to old Hindi film songs, from Hindustani classical to rock.

In his interview with Angelus (available in full here), Thumma reveals that he is a fourth-generation ecclesiastical musician. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all organists at the church in his hometown of Guntur, in Andra Pradesh, India.

Divine Melody is available through his website, or on iTunes.

Shirish Korde releases new album on Svarasa Records

This past spring, composer Shirish Korde released Ka, a new album of some of his finest Indian/Western collaborative works. Korde’s unique musical language weaves Indian melodic and rhythmic elements into tautly wrought Western-style lines. A staple of each piece on Ka is his long time collaboration with Carnatic singer Deepti Navaratna, who is featured in each of the five works, with different combinations of accompanying instruments.

Matthey Forss, of Inside World Music writes: “The concept of Ka pertains to a unifying, musical cycle that brings together dualities–namely, Eastern and Western musics. Shirish succeeds with an astounding release of musical arrangements that are both thought-provoking and haunting. At any rate, the musical addition of chamber-like orchestrations and Deepti’s mesmerizing voice, creates an unforgettable album that will span the recording devices of Western and Eastern listeners everywhere.

Listen to an excerpt of Ka below:

Korde’s full album is released on Svarasa Records, and is available here.