A Raga Grows in Brooklyn

The place to be on a Wednesday night in Brooklyn is clearly at Bluebird, listening to a set by the Brooklyn Raga Massive. Eric Fraser, one of the founders of BRM says that “part of the mission of the Raga Massive is to demystify Indian music… It’s not like this thing that has to be presented in a certain sort of way. We do everything from pure classical, to very meditative, to a party vibe. It’s a living tradition.”

BRM has even performed music of Western composers, most notably, Terry Riley’s “In C”. Fraser explains that the piece is “designed to be played by as many musicians as you can gather. We’ve had up to 30 people playing at the same time—sitars, tablas, dulcimers, flutes, sarods, violins, vocals, everything!”

Read the full article here. And if you’re stopping by Brooklyn on a Wednesday night, you know where to be.

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