Rohan Krishnamurthy

Rohan Krishnamurthy has been acclaimed a “percussion prodigy,” “young expert,” and “virtuoso” by distinguished music critics and musicians.

At the age of eight, Rohan initiated lessons on the intricate South Indian drum, the mridangam (mru dhung gum), often hailed as one of the world’s most complex drums. After just two months of one-on-one training with local instructor Damodharan Srinivasan, lessons were forced to a standstill when Srinivasan moved to Massachusetts. What could have been the untimely end of Rohan’s musical career led way to the first of Rohan’s musical revolutions and, indeed, proved to be a turning point in his musical career. The two developed a novel telephonic teaching setup over the speakerphone! This unconventional approach was an unprecedented success that continued for nearly two years.

The other musical turning point was when Rohan met the illustrious Indian percussionist, Guruvayur Dorai, who enthusiastically agreed to be his instructor. For the past ten years, Rohan has been receiving advanced training from Mr. Dorai both in India and the U.S.

Rohan’s percussive style is often described as “flawless” and “reminiscent of the legendary mridangist C.S.Murughabhupathy.” His bold beats delicately fuse the traditional classicism of the “Pudukottai School” with his own contemporary originality. This ideal blend has made his musicianship ideally suited for both traditional Indian ensembles and cross-musical collaborations.