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Shastra Festival 2015: Shawn Mativetsky plays Paquet “Les Arbres Celestes”

Last April, Shastra put on its inaugural Festival of Indian/Western crossover music. We had a wonderful day of performances from top artists at (le) poisson rouge in New York City, and we also streamed the festival live for our audiences around the world. If you missed this event, or if you want to hear it again, you’re in luck: Over the next few months, every Friday, Shastra will be releasing videos from the entire festival on our YouTube Channel, so you can enjoy these performances any time.

First up: Shawn Mativetsky’s performance of Bruno Paquet’s work for tabla and electronics, “Les Arbres Celestes”. A beautiful crystalline piece of music that dazzles the senses. Take a listen:

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Naan-Functional Harmony: Exploring the Intersections between Carnatic Music and Jazz

Check out, a new site created by Alex Pinto, which explores  new hybrid approaches to Jazz and Carnatic music. Alex recently finished a Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship, where he went deeper into the relationships between Indian and Western music.

“This video below demonstrates a classic rhythmic displacement exercise in Carnatic music. In the 8 beat cycle Adi Thalum, the phrase Ta Ka Di Mi Ta Ka Ju Nu is displaced by a 16th note via the phrase Ta Ka Ta Ki Ta, a cell of five 16th notes. Watch the video and attempt to figure out the exercise. If you need help, check out the attached pdf, available to download.”