Shankar Tucker’s Kickstarter Funded (and then some!)

To say that Shankar Tucker’s most recent Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded would be an understatement.

Tucker, who has already delighted audiences around the world with his brilliant renditions of popular Bollywood songs, decided to Kickstart a new album and video series. His campaign was met with tremendous excitement from his fans: with 804 individual donations, he received over 1.5 times his requested funding.

Tucker calls his new project Filament, and writes to his fans:

The metaphor is that music is the centerpiece which burns and illuminates everything around us, bringing ideas to light, connecting people, concepts and cultures on a continuos piece thread. Another meaning that people may not know… it also refers to the galaxies visible in the night sky! What do you think?

Have you listened to the music from Filament yet? What do you think?

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