Cross-Cultural Conversations at the Gen Y Raga Forum

2015-11-19-IndianRaga-CollageLast month the Gen Y Raga Forum took place at Lincoln Center, in New York City. It featured many incredible Indian-trained musicians whose life and work has been based in the US. Two concerts were followed by a panel discussion on, “the creative process and personal significance of playing Indian classical music as a young person in the U.S., how we can re-imagine the conversation of cultural appropriation and genuine collaboration, and the spaces and programs that are fueling the music’s preservation and growth.”

Musicians featured in this event included
Sriram Emani, Founder of IndianRaga;
Neel Murgai, Musician/Composer/Co-founder of Brooklyn Raga Massive
Roopa Mahadevan, Singer/IndianRaga Fellow
Rajna Swaminathan, Composer/Mrudangam player/Leader of RAJAS (Rajna was featured on the Shastra Festival last April)
Miles Okazaki, Guitarist/Member of RAJAS

These discussions are so important, and we are excited to see them happening with greater frequency in both the Indian and Western musical communities.

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