Jazz Vocalist Kavita Shah draws Indian musicians into the mix

MJ15_p65_01New York based jazz singer, composer and arranger Kavita Shah traverses the boundaries between jazz and Indian music in her new has a new album Visions. With degrees from Harvard and Manhattan School of Music, Shah has traveled the world and imbibed each musical culture as she goes. Visions features a suite called Rag Desh, which “begins with a rhythm from the tabla and spoken vocals called tabla bols, used in Hindustani classical music to vocalize the different sounds of the instrument, then concludes with “Meltdown”: a bluesy, moody tune that deconstructs the traditional raga, or melody, introduced earlier.”

Shah hopes that, “by creating complex but accessible arrangements, she [will] expand her audience’s conception of what jazz can be, while connecting them to music from around the world.”

Read the full article from Harvard Magazine here.

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