Arranging with Hindustani Music

saili-reena-photosArranging with Hindustani Music:
A Professional Development Workshop for Composers

Dates and locations for the 2017 summer intensive workshops will be posted in early 2017. Stay tuned!


Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of Indian classical music, or deepen your knowledge of the art form? Have you been interested in incorporating Indian musicians into the music you write? This workshop, hosted by Shastra, is an opportunity for Western-trained composers to do exactly that.

Hindustani vocalist Saili Oak and composer Reena Esmail team up to co-teach a six week intensive workshop where you will:

  • receive intensive training in the fundamentals of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music.
  • receive instruction on the best practices for working with Hindustani musicians and incorporating them organically into the music you write.
  • compose your own arrangement of a Hindustani bhajan for Indian singer and string quartet.
  • have this arrangement workshopped, performed and recorded by Saili Oak and string quartet.


Information about the 2017 summer intensive will be posted in early 2017. Coming in 2017, summer intensive rhythmic workshops!


Applicants are not required to have any previous training in Hindustani music. However, they must have a working knowledge of Western composition, at least at the undergraduate level of study.

Please have between 1-2 representative scores (in PDF format) and accompanying recordings (in MP3, WAV or AAC format) ready to upload. Though only one score is required (with or without recording), two scores and their accompanying recordings are encouraged.

Applications for the 2017 Summer Intensive programs will be posted in early 2017.