Parampara is Shastra’s educational initiative.  The word parampara comes from the term guru-shishya-parampara, a phrase used in traditional Indian culture, which denotes the transmission of knowledge from teacher (guru) to student (shishya).  The parampara is the transmission of that knowledge from one generation to the next.

The Parampara education program is a forum where young musicians from a variety of backgrounds will work directly with master artists in the creation of new music that brings together the great traditions of India and the West.

The topic of intercultural work opens a wealth of areas for discussion. Through their hands-on experience working within a new musical culture, students will be able to infuse their musical lives with new ideas and inspiration.  In this hyper-connected era, many young people are already negotiating several different cultural traditions simultaneously. Shastra’s Parampara aims to help young people develop the confidence and experience to make those negotiations more meaningful and creative.

Parampara Project 2015

Aakash-Asha-2015Shastra’s first Parampara project is in collaboration with Face the Music (FTM), an incredible group of intrepid young musicians from the Lucy Moses School in New York City. FTM will be performing two new works co-commissioned by Shastra and FTM by Aakash Mittal and Asha Srinavasan, two talented young composers who work in both Indian and Western traditions. The young musicians will have ongoing opportunities to work with the composers as they create the work, gaining insight into their process, and learning about Indian techniques and (theory) firsthand. The works will have two performances – one on the FTM Spring Concert and another on the Shastra 2015 Festival.