Premier of Rohan, for mridangam and percussion quartet


Rohan Krishnamurthy recently premiered Payton MacDonald’s unique Rohan for solo mridangam and percussion quartet. A review of the concert in The Hindu notes:

“To achieve the mission of globalisation and reach as diverse as an audience as possible, cross cultural initiatives are called for. The new mridangam concerto with percussion quartet that premiered this month to a well attended audience at one of America’s most celebrated venues, New York City’s Juilliard School of Music, was one such successful initiative.”

Krishnamurthy is confident of the concerto’s potential for many future performances with a variety of ensembles:

According to Rohan, since the piece uses traditional Western staff notation and newer hybrid systems of notation for the mridangam, it can easily be performed in other venues involving other artists. “Notation can be a huge musical bridge and will be a great tool when performing the concerto with other ensembles around the world.”

Read the entire review here.

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