San Francisco World Music Festival launches Online World Music Education Campaign

After 19 years of honing a unique approach to online education, the San Francisco World Music Festival is launching a $150,000 fundraising campaign for their new educational initiative, PANGU, which will allow students around the world to access a wealth of musical knowledge from around the world  without ever leaving their classroom.

Their Indiegogo campaign site reads, “On the PANGU platform, students and teachers can learn how to play traditional, classical, and indigenous music with master musicians without even leaving their classrooms. Students will be able to learn instruments and music straight from the masters from an unprecedented database of customized learning videos; enroll in long-term courses that are integrated and designed for multi-classroom learning; watch, share and broadcast student performances within a global music community; engage in the Teachers Resource Center where the world’s most renowned performers share their techniques and traditions.”

This prominent festival has attracted musicians from countries including China, Azerbaijan, Iran, Taiwan, India, Spain, Burkina Faso, Turkey, and America. To learn more about their campaign, visit their site here.

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