Submission Guidelines

To Submit an application to the Shastra Symposium 2018  GO HERE.


The focus of the Shastra Symposium is on “intercultural” or “fusion” or “cross-cultural” work between Indian (or Indian diaspora) and Western musics.  We are open to a variety of proposal topics and themes, so long as the focus of the symposium is maintained.


Proposals for spoken papers should be submitted in an extended abstract format with customary headings (Introduction, Analysis, Conclusions, etc.). They should be 700 words maximum in length, including footnotes but not counting examples and bibliography. They should be accompanied by a separate 200-word abstract. Accepted papers will be allocated 20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for discussion.

Composer Sessions

Composers are invited to present on their own work.  Presentations may cover a variety of topics relevant to one’s compositional process and output.  We are particularly interested in hearing from composers who have invested a significant amount of study into both Indian and Western music.  A 700-word maximum proposal and 200-word abstract should be submitted for the session as a whole, as well as one or two audio or video samples. Presentations should be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussion.


Performers (or composer-performers) are invited to propose a performance of a work that focuses on intercultural dialogue between Indian and Western musical elements.  A 500-word abstract should be submitted, as well as one or two audio or video samples. Presentations should be 25 minutes or less, including setup and tear down.

Workshops / Alternative Formats

Proposals for workshops or other alternative formats should also take the form of a 700-word maximum proposal and a 200-word abstract. The proposals should give as many details as possible about the precise format they will employ, how many participants can attend, and the size and type of space they will require.  Workshops/Alternative Formats will be limited to 30 minutes total, including set up and tear down.


Media Guidelines: For media examples, please include a URL to uploaded content on Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo or another hosting service from which we can stream your work. We are not accepting files through direct upload to the application (i.e. no direct emailing of audio or video files) Please include links to 1-3 media samples only if they are relevant to your presentation.

Further detailed instructions will be provided by the online submission system.

To Submit an application to the Shastra Symposium 2018 GO HERE.